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Somfy for Bioclimatic Façades

The façade of a building is where the outdoors and indoors meet, where natural and man-made environments come together. Outside, climatic conditions continuously vary according to seasons, weather and the course of each day and night. Inside, living conditions must be stable and comfortable as possible according to the occupants’ activities needs and personal preferences.

Bioclimatic façades respond to the extremes of external environmental conditions by controlling heat loss and gain, managing daylight and enhancing the quality of the indoor environment. With sustainable development as a focal point, the aim is to reduce the energy consumption rate required to operate the building by using natural elements such as air and particularly the sun.

Daylight Management

More comfortable to the human eye, sunlight has proven itself as the best source of well-being. Studies show benefits in schools where grades have improved, and in offices with higher productivity and lower absenteeism rates.

Maximise use of natural daylight to ensure greater visual comfort, reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption and operating costs. Artificial lighting can amount to 35% of a commercial building’s energy costs.

The size of openings and type of glazing will determine the amount of light transferred and radiated into the building. The openings in the façade must be wide enough to allow the sunlight to penetrate throughout the room. Transparent glazing, as opposed to tinted varieties, guarantees better quality lighting.

To fully take advantage of natural lighting without the inconveniences of direct sunlight, adjustable shading devices are indispensible. They help reduce the contrasts at peak hours of the day, avoid glare and can create special atmospheres.

Automation of shading devices is key. It is the only efficient way of using shading devices as it acts independently through climate sensors or timers.

Heating and Cooling Strategies

Automated shading devices are key in optimising solar gain. In the winter, roller blinds are programmed to close in order to avoid heat loss, whereas in the summer, blinds react to the sensors and automatically lower to limit the green house effect. This type of Dynamic Insulation provides better control of thermal exchanges, enhancing energy efficiency and maintaining thermal comfort.

Façade Management Systems

Somfy offers a range of centralised sun protection management systems for bioclimatic façades: animeo Solo, animeo IB+ Compact, animeo IB+ Premium and VarioSys. Somfy solutions are also compatible with the KNX and LoN protocols.

There are several criteria that we use to choose the best solution for a project: the number of sun protection devices that need to be operated, the number of zones that need to be managed, the choice of management or maintenance systems, the desired functionalities and price.

With more than 400 motors and a vast range of intelligent controlling systems, Somfy has a solution for all types of sun protection systems in all sizes and types of buildings.

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