Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren


Scare intruders away to better protect your home against burglaries.The Netatmo wireless Smart Indoor Siren can run on battery power or plugged in – it’s up to you.




When an unknown face is detected by the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera during your absence, the Siren immediately triggers a powerful 110 dB alarm to scare away the burglar. The Netatmo Smart Camera uses face recognition and people detection to only trigger the Smart Siren when an intrusion occurs: no false alarms caused by a family member, a pet or a harmless movement.

Pre-recorded noises make it sound like there’s someone home.

The wireless Smart Siren comes with a variety of pre-recorded sounds such as dog barks and other home noises. You can choose to play them in order to simulate presence and thus deter burglars from entering your home.

The Netatmo Siren only works with the Indoor Camera, sold separately.


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