For those of you wondering who is Future Habitats, here is your answer:

We are a team of tech geeks  who love what we do and invest heavily in R&D. We understand building management systems, home automation, light design, electrical wiring devices, audio & video distribution, security and door entry systems. We have been around since 2001.

We implement network and Wifi infrastructures and carry out our own fiber optic fusion splicing. We have in depth knowledge of software development and we create our own interfaces to various systems such as KNX, BacNET, MODBUS and SCS.

Future Habitats is also a leading manufacturer of motorised blinds with projects ranging from public buildings, to hotels and residences.

We care about the client’s money as if it was our own. We don’t want you to spend more just to line our pockets. We want you to be happy that you have spent your money wisely and that you have achieved the expected result.

Our enthusiasm might occasionally come across as up-selling. Indeed, if we see that a feature might suit your lifestyle we are sure to mention it. We take a personal interest in your project and discuss most projects amongst us to try to identify what you are after. Regardless of the hundreds of systems that we have implemented, we do not belittle your input and are as enthusiastic as ever to create a solution which is unique to your requirements. We are always on the the lookout for new solutions that might improve our offering, and we always try out the solution before proposing it. We don’t want you to be our guinea pig.

This is Future Habitats.

We have created this site so that we can make it easier for you to see some of our solutions from the comfort of your office or home. Some might say that this move is to keep with modern times. True as it may be we are not just an online presence and whenever you feel you can always pop in as we would love to meet you personally.